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Analysts play crucial role in services of game-winning brokers

What is behind the success of a broker nowadays when the competition is ever demanding and new technologies are redefining everything, including client services in financial and capital markets?

Analysts play crucial role in services of game-winning brokers

Gulf Brokers have been awarded 2nd prize in the worldwide voting contest by industry magazine in the category for The Best Customer Service. Untraditionally, we have interviewed the Chief Analyst of the company Syam KP to comment on the trends in clients’ services as understanding the markets from the analytical point of view becomes more and more connected with services provided to customers.

  • In the business world where almost everything is digital to some extent, including online trading and investing, what is the value of customer services? What makes the company outstanding in terms of customer services?

First of all, I want to appreciate our customer service team and IT specialists for their tremendous hard work behind our recent achievement.

As we know customers are the backbone of any business and if your customers are happy — your company will prosper. Over the years, Gulf Brokers has consistently focused on the quality of customer service. We provide fast execution with deep liquidity, competitive spreads and our expert customer service representatives can assist customers in many different languages, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  • As an analyst, are you, in a way, a part of the customer service of Gulf Brokers?

Yes, of course, I am. Our customer base comprises both professional and amateur traders. So, I always try to generate exclusive analytical materials, which help all types of traders to make smart trading decisions. Part of our effort is to help our clients learn about recent trends and, thus, about new risks as well. Within the wide portfolio of materials and activities for our clients, that we continually produce, we are planning to upload more educational videos on our YouTube channel

  • You meet a lot of retail traders. Do you think they understand the complexity and mechanism of markets? Are they prepared enough to act like professionals?

We offer our traders various educational tools. They should guide them to focus more on their own trading strategy and risk management to act rationally and with caution in the whole process of trading decisions.

  • What advice would you give a new trader so that he can hold on permanently?

It takes go through a whole trading academy to sustain success in the market, which is, from the definition, very volatile. Among many advice to traders I would pick up this one: try to improve yourself permanently in your knowledge, learn from having a loss and keep discipline with your trading strategy and risk management and the market will reward you for your diligent efforts.

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YouTube: Sự hiện diện mạnh mẽ trên mạng xã hội của Alphabet

YouTube: Sự hiện diện mạnh mẽ trên mạng xã hội của Alphabet

YouTube là một công ty con của Alphabet, một tập đoàn công nghệ với vốn hóa thị trường 1.7 nghìn tỷ đô la. Việc Google (sau này trở thành Alphabet) mua lại YouTube vào năm 2006 với giá 1.65 tỷ đô la đã trở thành một tài sản tạo ra lợi nhuận dài hạn cho Alphabet, đóng góp gần 11% vào tổng doanh thu của công ty. Trong quý 1 năm 2023, Alphabet báo cáo doanh thu tổng cộng là 69.8 tỷ đô la, tăng 3% so với cùng kỳ năm trước, với doanh thu hàng năm từ quảng cáo của YouTube đạt gần 20 tỷ đô la vào năm 2020. Việc thêm YouTube vào danh mục của Google đã mở rộng mô hình kinh doanh của công ty từ một công cụ tìm kiếm đơn thuần thành một nền tảng lưu trữ nội dung video, cho phép tạo ra các nguồn thu nhập bổ sung từ quảng cáo và nội dung trả phí của bên thứ ba. Mặc dù doanh thu quảng cáo của YouTube đã giảm trong quý 1 năm 2023, công ty vẫn là một nguồn thu lớn đáng kể cho Alphabet.

Mối đe dọa của suy thoái kinh tế treo lơ lửng trên thị trường dầu mỏ thế giới.

Mối đe dọa của suy thoái kinh tế treo lơ lửng trên thị trường dầu mỏ thế giới.

The global oil market is facing uncertainty due to the risk of recession, particularly with signals coming from China that its economy is not doing as well as expected. This has led to a downward trend in oil prices, with Brent crude trading below $76 per barrel on world markets. However, the oil slump has not had too much of a negative impact on the economy of the largest mining giants, according to Gulf Brokers. The first quarter results of Saudi Aramco, the world's largest mining company, showed a year-on-year decrease in net profit of approximately one-fifth to less than $32 billion.