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U.K. arlines urges government for tax break


U.K. airline industry is on the edge of default. According this fact, airlines based in Britain has written to its transport minister seeking industry-specific tax and air traffic fee holidays to help survive a coronavirus pandemic that has brought air travel to a standstill.

Airlines UK asked Transport Minister Grant Shapps for a six-month suspension in air passenger duty, and a waiver of air traffic control and related charges through the rest of 2020, as well as relief from EU flight compensation rules. Airlines UK, which also represents Jet2, TUI, Norwegian and Ryanair, said it hoped the government would consider the temporary tax break and dropped charges in ongoing talks.

Help which have to come from government is necessary to enable aviation both to deal with the ongoing crisis in the short-term but also to support and accelerate a strong UK recovery later in the year.

Britain’s airlines like EasyJet, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have no revenue coming in, forcing them to ground hundreds of planes, and putting thousands of jobs and the future of the sector at risk.

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