British ministers meeting is set on Thursday to try to hammer out an agreement over a “backstop” plan for the Irish border after concerns were raised by the Brexit minister that a current proposal would keep Britain tied to the EU indefinitely.

Ten months before Britain officially Brexit date, where Britain has commited to leave European Union and to tighten Brexit even. May is struggling to unite her ministers over the backstop plan – an arrangement that would essentially keep Britain in the bloc’s customs union after a transition period in case of any delay in the implementation of a Brexit deal.

The so-called Brexit war committee was expected to meet on Thursday after Brexit minister David Davis, according to one source close to the government, “had gone bananas” over the proposal because it contained no end date. At the heart of the problem is ensuring there is no hard border between the British province of Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland, which some say could disrupt a peace agreement to reduce sectarian conflict in the north. Time is pressing in the Brexit talks, which have all but stalled as May tries to overcome the divisions not only in her cabinet of ministers but also in her Conservative Party. She has tried to persuade doubters over the proposal that it is a backstop plan – something that the government does not intend to use as ministers expect to have secured a workable deal later this year, according to

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