Earlier today the S&P500 hit a new intraday all time high of 2,373.23 before fading some of the gains, on the day that matches the longest bull run in S&P history. And absent a “force majeure” event and a 20% drop in the S&P in the next few hours, the length of time that has passed without a 20% drop in the S&P500 will set a record with tomorrow’s opening bell.

On August 22, the current bull market is poised to become the longest on record…

Source: Zerohedge.com

… however it still has room to run in terms of percentage appreciation: from its March 2009 low, the current level of the S&P is 321% higher; it will need to gain another 4% to surpass the Great Depression bull market of June 1932 – March 1937 which saw a 325% rebound. To become the greatest bull market ever in percentage terms, the S&P will need to gain nearly another 100% from here, to surpass the 417% increase posted in the October 1990 – March 2000 market, which culminated with the dot com bubble.

Source: Zerohedge.com

How long will last this bull run? Will the bull market get over The Great Depression? The results of macroeconomy is still good and analytics forecast another growth. But the Germany economy is getting slower. The recesion and growth are narutal phenomena of economic cykle.

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