„When VIX is weaker and weaker, then the stock market is getting stronger. “

Since its high in 2015 (coinciding with the S&P 500 low), we’ve seen a discernible downtrend in the VIX (S&P 500 Volatility Index). Not only that, but the intermittent VIX peaks over that time serve to form a nearly pristine Down trendline on the chart. Now, it seems that the likelihood of such a clean trendline forming at random is nearly inconceivable. However, we’ll let pundits and philosophers opine on the topic of TA and volatility charts. We are operating under the assumption that recent action is notrandom — and that such analysis can assist us, at times, in our stock market decision-making. One of those times, again, may be now, according to zerohedge.com.

As the chart shows, the VIX did finally break above its post-2015 Down trendline in late January/early February of this year. After its subsequent spike into early February, the VIX settled back down. Where did it find support? Right on the top of the broken post-2015 Down trendline on March 9. While it was bouncing firmly off of that support, stocks were, at the same time, stalling out, eventually turning back down to test its February correction lows. Following the VIX’s bump up in volatility into April, it has settled back down again. And presently, as stocks have bounced again, we find the VIX once again nearing a test of that broken post-2015 Down trendline, according to zerohedge.com.

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