The situation about Brexit is still unclear, with some moderate progress. Awaiting the British Parliament’s confirmation. Theresa May presented the proposal to European leaders and the European Parliament. They, after careful consideration, agreed to this proposal. So, progress has been made.

The 585-page document contains a transitional regime for Britain and the European Union to prepare for the post-2020 situation. The terms of the agreement triggered an avalanche of dissenting opponents, and May’s political career is beginning to shake in the ground. All disagreements with May’s proposal escalated when part of the conservatives headed by the main blatantly blatant counterpart, Conservative MEP Jacob Rees-Mogg has asked in a letter for a vote of no confidence to the British Prime Minister.

The most sensitive and still the most problematic point in the draft “divorce treaty” remains the issue of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and the desire to avoid hard boundaries. The agreement therefore contains a policy for Northern Ireland to ensure that the hard border does not arise between countries even if London and Brussels do not agree to a new regime after the end of the transitional period.

On 25 November 2018 at the EU summit, European leaders agreed on this proposal. The council is British. His reaction will be crucial because his eventual rejection will mean a step back and renegotiation on this one million times mentioned topic.

Let’s look at the graph. From a technical point of view, the graph was created with a triangular pattern. We are currently in the day or night. we tested his bottom edge. Although fundamental advances have been made, the market is waiting or May’s appeal will be successful and, in particular, Dismiss the version of Brexite. In the event of an agreement, Sterling could rise to the top of this formation.

We have a lot of important support and resistance on the chart. In the event of a downward slump, the GBP could further weaken up to the green band, or lower.

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