Major US indices strengthened on Thursday after a series of outlets in the second half of October. Growth in stock markets contributed by US President Donald Trump, who said Thursday that negotiations with China are on track. Trump confirmed he plans to hold a meeting with Chinese President Sin Jing-ping during the upcoming G20 summit in Argentina.

In addition, the British Central Bank, which left the basic interest rate unchanged at 0.75 percent on Thursday. The financial institution has indicated that, in the event of a smooth course of the brexit, it could be expected to increase faster in the future. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank, said that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union without agreement is not the most likely scenario. The British pound has headed up and attributed three percent thanks to the hope of reaching an agreement.

In green numbers, all sectors with the exception of utilities, which weakened by about half a percent, ended trading. The industry’s primary growth was the highest growth rate, which attributed approximately 3 percent.

The Dow Jones Index strengthened by 1.06 percent to 25,380.74 points, the S & P 500 rose 1.06 percent to 2,740.37 points, and the Nasdaq Composite Technology Index index strengthened most. He added 1.75 percent to 7,434.06 points. The volatility index dropped by 8.9 percent and stopped just above the 19 percent mark. The 10-year government bond yield of the US declined by one basis point to 3.14 percent.

DowDuPont’s shares increased significantly by 8.07 percent thanks to strong quarterly results. Shares of industrial enterprises such as Catepillar also rose. The company accounted for 2.79 percent. The Boeing stock price rose by 2.31 percent.

In addition to stock markets, Thursday was also successful for the cryptome market. Less than the euro was attributed to the bitcoin, which was around $ 6,380, as well as an ethereum, whose value was held at $ 198.

On the contrary, the US dollar failed, which weakened after reaching the six-month maximum in the middle of the week. The euro, on the other hand, showed a 0.9% increase. The EUR / USD pair was around 1.144.

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