GMT Event Actual Previous
Sunday, May 31
24h Queen's Birthday
24h Whit Monday
22:30 AiG Performance of Mfg Index 41.6 35.8
23:00 Commonwealth Bank Manufacturing PMI 44.0 44.1 Revised from 42.8
Monday, Jun 01
01:00 TD Securities Inflation (YoY) 0.1% 1.2%
01:00 TD Securities Inflation (MoM) -1.2% -0.1%
06:30 RBA Commodity Index SDR (YoY) -7.4% -7.3% Revised from -8.1%
08:30 Markit Manufacturing PMI 40.6
13:30 Markit Manufacturing PMI 33
13:45 Markit Manufacturing PMI 39.8
14:00 ISM Manufacturing Employment Index 27.5
14:00 ISM Manufacturing Prices Paid 35.3
14:00 ISM Manufacturing PMI 41.5
14:00 ISM Manufacturing New Orders Index 27.1
14:00 Construction Spending (MoM) 0.9%
15:30 6-Month Bill Auction 0.16%
15:30 3-Month Bill Auction 0.13%
22:45 Building Permits s.a. (MoM) -21.3%
22:45 Terms of Trade Index 2.6%
Tuesday, Jun 02
01:00 HIA New Home Sales (MoM) -21.1%
01:30 Current Account Balance 1.0B
01:30 Company Gross Operating Profits (QoQ) -3.5%
04:30 RBA Rate Statement
04:30 RBA Interest Rate Decision 0.25%
06:00 Nationwide Housing Prices s.a (MoM) 0.7%
06:00 Nationwide Housing Prices n.s.a (YoY) 3.7%
06:30 Real Retail Sales (YoY) -5.6%
07:30 SVME - Purchasing Managers' Index 40.7
08:30 Net Lending to Individuals (MoM) £1B
08:30 Consumer Credit £-3.841B
08:30 Mortgage Approvals 56.161K
08:30 M4 Money Supply (YoY) 7.4%
08:30 M4 Money Supply (MoM) 2.8%
n/a 10-y Bond Auction 0.112%
12:55 Redbook Index (MoM) -1.5%
12:55 Redbook Index (YoY) -5.5%
13:45 ISM-NY Business Conditions Index 4.3
Right after you open or close your trading position, spread will be deducted from your account, which is the difference between the current ask and bid price. Please note: GULF BROKERS LTD reserves the right to expand spread according to its discretion, reduce leverage, set the maximum limit of orders and the total client exposure. GULF BROKERS LTD also reserves the right to increase margin in those situations when the market conditions require so.
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