Analysis of Gulf Brokers Ltd. about coronavirus vaccine

Gulfbrokers | Analysis of Gulf Brokers Ltd. about coronavirus vaccine
Financial analyst of  Gulf Brokers Ltd.  Syam wrote an article about development of coronavirus vaccine. Medical companies worldwide are tirelessly working to develop vaccines and treatment for COVID-19.

 His analysis was shared by different media worldwide :

 Biotech Stocks to Watch during COVID-19 vaccine race

The corona situation is getting worse day by day in the world. Lockdown continues in many countries across the globe. The virus has infected more than 2 million people leaving around 120,000 people dead. Currently, a lot of companies are involved in the development of a coronavirus vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies continue the race to be the first to license a COVID-19 vaccine and some of them have already made great progress, while others are at the very beginning of the race. Every company is using different technology platforms to create experimental vaccines.

The press release you can read here.