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Trading is risky and your entire investment may be at risk


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Trading is risky and your entire investment may be at risk
Trading is risky and your entire capital may be at risk


  • Forex (FX) is a global market for trading currencies. FX is an OTC market (Over the Counter) where offer and demand of specific currencies are being matched
  • Small contract size suitable for traders and organizations with smaller exposures
  • Forex market allows to operate 24/5
  • Every day more than 5 trillion dollars are being traded
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  • Commodities offer a wide range of instruments that you can trade
  • You can choose among precious metals, oil or agricultural commodities.
  • Among the most traded commodities are traditionally gold, silver, oil, wheat, corn or sugar.
  • Commodities are being traded in units (ounce, barrel, pound, bushel) which are called a lot.
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  • Investors looking for diversification choose global indices.
  • You can buy or sell almost the whole market.
  • Gulf Brokers offers trading with the biggest and best known European, American or Asian indices.
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  • Trade Global Stocks via MT5 Platform
  • Competitive transaction costs, optimal leverage
  • CFD offers the opportunity for traders to open long or short positions, since they do not physically own the shares
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